"Dracano" is an anagram of "Cardano", this project is exclusively available on the Cardano Network.

Revanine Collection

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Dracano’s original, hand-painted Non-Fungible-Tokens are only available on the proof-of-stake, environmentally friendly Cardano network.

Please only send ADA from Verified Cardano Wallets such as:
Daedelus, Yoroi, Nami, or Eternl.


Each “NFT” comes with two high-resolution images, 
one 3000x3000px portrait and one 9000x3000px banner.

99 ADA = 1 NFT
297 ADA = 3 NFTs
594 ADA = 6 NFTs
891 ADA = 9 NFTs

Multiple transactions in the above quantities are accepted.

From the Artist

With Revanine, I wanted to create someone with personality. I couldn’t see Dracano releasing a shallow set of dreamy female profile pictures. I wanted varying expressions, to show that her attractiveness originates from who she is, not only what she is. She’s not traditionally beautiful; her eyes, nose, lips individually have flaws, but she looks symmetrical when put together. Revanine ‘speaks’ through her features, and as the first official humanoid ambassador to the world of Dracano, I hope she ignites curiosity.

As far as the art itself — I dedicated a lot of time on building Revanine as someone I would want to get to know. When I sit down to paint her, I see that smile and I say, “Hey, Revanine, what are we painting for you today?”

Every bit counts, from the individual traits to the selected colors that appear in the final product. I know every trait so well that even after the layers are generated, I still feel like I painted each image individually.

The Revanine Collection has enough hand-painted traits to create over 1200 billion unique combinations.

Revanine's Story

Revanine was born in the small town of Katuren, located somewhere around the center-north of the continent. Her mother was Tovii, a tundra wanderer whose mysterious appearance in the village deemed her the local ‘witch’. When Revanine was about two decades old, Tovii disappeared, leaving behind her most prized possession, an egg-shaped rock.

Once Tovii was gone, Revanine began to hear a voice in her head. The voice, clearly not her own, identified itself as “Jedon1” an “unreliable source” to which she may or may not listen. Choosing to listen to Jedon, Revanine helped the ancient rock hatch into a small Ikalo. Revanine named it Ixo, the word for ‘rock’ in her mother’s language.

Jedon explained to Revanine of her talent as a hatcher. Tovii possessed the capabilities, but lacked true patience, and something else that even Jedon could not yet fully discern.

Hatchers, as their title might suggest, help bring fertilized dragon eggs to maturity. In the structure of yore, hatchers were first, then trainers. All were considered Daer2 of the realm, because they handled dragons, but not all Daer knew how to hatch or train. Hatchers took care of the eggs and the hatchlings, while trainers took care of them after they become juveniles. Trainers then handed off the juveniles to their chosen Daer.

Somewhat convinced that she now has a higher purpose, Revanine traveled with Ixo out of Katuren. 

While Jedon was able to advise her on thoughts and ideas, the voice had limitations because of a reliance on the subject’s (in this case, Revanine’s) own perceptions of their surroundings. In addition to this, Jedon could ’hear’ better than ‘see’, and was often incorrect about colors. Egg discovery also relied heavily on Revanine’s instincts, according to Jedon, this was because she was more ‘physically present.’ 

In this first chapter, we find Revanine in the palace of an Alexarr3, on the verge of her first egg-rescue.

1 – Jed: stable, reliable, solid; Don: none, zero
2 – Daer: Knight/Knights
3 – Alexarr: Landholding title, equivalent to Earl

— Dravo Translator

The Painted Story

The Revanine Painted Story comprises of 15 fully hand-painted pages. 

It can be read two ways, with only Revanine’s voice, or with the addition of Jedon’s “Unreliable Narration.”

Below is a preview without any dialog:

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Dracano’s Revanine Collection is exclusively available on the Cardano Network


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Each Cardano-NFT includes two images, a square portrait and a fully painted banner.

Uniques Showcase

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