“When in doubt; dragon.”
― Dracano

Flight Path

(a.k.a. not a roadmap)

August 2021
Dracano Season One
Draw Dragons

Dracano started painting dragons.

9 September 2021
Dracano Season One
First Tweet!

The Twitter account @DracanoArt was created and the first tweets sent out.

21 September 2021
Dracano Season One
"Water Wonders" Released

Dracano Season One was minted and released on Tokhun.io and CNFT.io

The season featured 9 species and 11 variations. A total of 99 were minted, at 25 ADA each.

Fifteen (15) Dracanos were minted with the permutation "S1 Cx" (where x is a running number) for influencers and creators.

22 September 2021
Dracano Season One
Discord Created

Better late than never...

29 September 2021
Dracano Season One

Project Dracano is now verified on all major Cardano NFT Marketplaces.

28 October 2021
Dracano Season Two
Draw more dragons...

Dracano paints more dragons. Season Two is "Tundra Titans" 

One hundred and five (105) Dracanos are to be released to Dragon Chasers and Knights in intervals of 20-25 NFTs via relaxing raffles on the Discord. The artist reserves 3 dragons for private collection this season.

Nine (9) Dracanos are available to creators and influencers.

November 2021
Dracano Season Two
Continue to release "Tundra Titans"

To ensure the slow-and-steady pace that is our core belief, Season Two was released every week until the end of November, 2021.

December 2021
Dracano Season Two
Planned Pause

A planned recess to rejuvenate creativity and a time to review the Dracano-verse.

There is an agenda for this pause, however; as the artist and team will discuss the next season, do another SWOT Analysis, and process community feedback.

December 2021
Continue Learning

In December 2021, Dracano took his vacation time to learn the following:

  • 3D sculpting
  • 3D and texture mapping
  • GLB file creation
  • Cardano CLI
  • Cardano Wallet CLI
  • A little Haskell
  • A little Plutus
  • A bit more Python
  • The usual amount of Javascript
January 2022
Dragon Chasers
Bridge - Dragon Chaser

'Bridge' was the name of a member of the "Dragon Chasers" Guild, whose job was to chase away dragons from human settlements (not to become Knights). 

Dracano decided not to continue with Bridge as the introductory Dragon Chaser (we will certainly meet Bridge later).

February 2022
Dragon Chasers
GOLD List (Aurelium)

On Feb-24, Dracano and the team decided that 'whitelist' and 'blacklist' were archaic terms that shouldn't have a space in this project. Therefore, all pre-approved members for minting the Dragon Chasers project will be "Goldlisted" or Aurelium-listed (the Dravo word for gold).

March-April 2022
Dragon Chasers
Comic-Style Dragon Chasers

From March-April of 2022, Dracano and the team worked on Comic-Style Dragon Chasers. The art style and created Chasers is saved for later, and may or may not be released at a later date.

May 2022
Dragon Chasers
Dravo, Stories, and Revanine's Rock

In May, Dracano began writing. This consists of the basics of 'Dravo' - the central language of Yiden. One of the stories that came to life was "Revanine's Rock" -- a story about an average young woman who discovered an ordinary rock... that hatched into a dragon. 

The talented PastaPlease also became a Dracano Team Member around this time.

30 May 2022
Dragon Chasers
Revanine Comic Finished

The team solidified a 'starter story' to introduce Dracano's world through the eyes of Revanine in a 15-page fully painted graphic story.

17 June 2022
Dragon Chasers
Colveren & Scarlet on Cardano Thor

Dracano Project Manager Colveren and Community Manager Scarlet talk about the project, the art, and the story with Cardano Thor

27-28 June 2022
Dragon Chasers
Dragon Chaser: Revanine Collection

999 Revanine portraits released at 99ADA each.

With fully hand-painted traits enough to create over 1200 Billion unique combinations.

Goldlist June 27
Public June 28

16 July 2022
Dragon Chasers
Dracaknitties Stream

Dracaknitties Stream


17 Aug 2022
Dragon Chasers
Dracano's 1st Birthday!

Celebrate our 1st Birthday with special limited collections. A Revanine is required to join, stay tuned for details.

May 15 2024
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Dracano Stickers!

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