Year One

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Dracano Year One (2021) contains two seasons of hand-painted juvenile dragons. The policy is locked at the end of 2021 and no additional Season 1 or Season 2 dragons will be minted.

Both seasons are currently sold out and available only on secondary marketplaces.


Season One - "Water Wonders"

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21 . 9 . 21

juvenile water dragons

non-commercial license
10% royalties

“At the edge of infinitely shifting energies exists the planet of Yiden. Here, tinted skies of candied-peaches watch over tides of turquoise and teal. Diving into its depths, we will visit the largest of its three oceans, Velave. In this aquarian paradise, creatures of limitless colors spend entire lifetimes undisturbed by the surface world.

Yet the most fascinating of them—the Water Wonders—are known to frequently bridge the divide.”

Season Two - "Tundra Titans"

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28 . 10 . 21

juvenile tundra dragons

non-commercial license
10% royalties

Deep in the freezing Tundra, where ancient permafrost impedes the growth of vegetation, some magical creatures have carved out a territory of their own. To survive, they have adapted with unique ways to conserve body heat… and even create fire. 

While there are those who boldly roam the vast snowscape without fear of competition, many have become experts in using the terrain to their advantage. They hide, camouflage and stalk prey between rocks and shrubbery, becoming vital to an ecosystem that manages to thrive in the harshest conditions.